Realities of Having a Baby with Massive Amounts of Hair

  1. Other moms chuckle while you hold your five month old under the hair dryer after swimming.
  2. The first words out of anyone’s mouth when they gaze upon your baby are “Oh my god look at the hair.”  I have literally heard this phrase hundreds of times.
  3. A baby mullet is an actual reality in your world.
  4. From afar people just think your baby is wearing a really fuzzy hat.
  5. Seniors will insist on running their fingers through her hair whether you give them permission or not.
  6. Daily baths are a necessity otherwise a serious case of bed head will strike on day two.
  7. Your child has enough hair to put into pigtails but hates having them in her hair, and often ends up pulling the elastics out, of course putting them in their mouth. 
  8. Spit up will often gum up the luscious locks.
  9. Your baby’s gorgeous mane will cause copious amounts of head sweat.
  10. Your baby will of course be adored above all others for having so much hair!