5 Gifts to Give Yourself this Season!

The stockings are hung, the presents are wrapped and the shopping is done (except for maybe a last minute grocery store run). Great job mama, you have worked your butt off to plan the crap out of this hectic holiday season but now you’re exhausted, probably malnourished and running purely on caffeine fumes. Sometimes we can spend so much time thinking and doing for others during the holidays, I think it’s time to turn a little bit of that cheer around and give something back to none other than the lady behind all of the Christmas magic- yourself!! Here are my top five gifts to give yourself this holiday season - because you know it, I know it, we all know it - you deserve it girl!  

1. Jacek Chocolate - With flavours like Almond Toffee, Cardamom & Pistachio Caramel and Peppermint Mocha you can’t go wrong with with the Jacek Holiday and Fireside collections. Indulge in some yummy treats from this local chocolatier and benefit from chocolate’s natural mood boosting properties during this sometimes stressful time of year


2. Go get a massage! Try and snag a last minute booking for yourself, unwind and let your therapists fingers work magic on those overworked, underpaid mama muscles. I love Ripple Effect Wellness and JH Massage Therapy. 

3. Pour a glass. Sometimes nothing cuts it like a good glass of wine at the end of long day visiting in-laws or chasing after a sugared-up toddler. My favourites lately are the Paxis Red Blend you can find at Costco liquor stores (thanks Chantelle for this recommendation). This yummy Portuguese wine is on the wetter side and makes for super easy drinking. I’ve been told by wine afficianados the Portuguese wines are very underrated and I would have to agree. Other festive faves are Seven Deadly Zins and Jacob’s Creek Moscato Rose.


4. Say ‘NO’ to something. This is less of a material gift to yourself but so worth it. Say no or bow out of one thing this holiday season just to give yourself more time. Paisley’s Playschool had a holiday party scheduled today and as much as we love our friends at the playschool I decided to keep the girls home. With so many events going on this week a quiet morning at home was exactly what we needed to kick the festivities off the right way.

5. Get that pedicure girl! We’re deep into socks and boots season and if you’re anything like me your tender tootsies have gone a bit neglected since the flip-flops have found their way to the back of the shoe closet. If i’m being honest some days it’s a challenge to find enough time to take a shower let alone a whole hour to go out and get my nails done, but you know what - you’re worth it! Get the hubby, or your mom or a niece to watch the kids and treat yourself. My fave place to go on the Northside is Q nails in Oxford centre on 153 Avenue and 127 Street, the staff are super nice and professional - I’ve always been happy with the results.

Well there you have it, now it’s time to go off pamper yourself and take in all the joy, merriment and holiday hooch this season has to offer :) It will be our first Christmas with Baby Isla and I’m so excited to share her with all of our friends and family during the holidays - we’ll even be making a trip down to visit our family in Saskatoon and meet our little niece for the first time! Wishing all of you the happiest holiday season <3

Isla Santa-2.png