Getting out with Baby

Outside the Strathcona Farmers Market

Outside the Strathcona Farmers Market

Feed. Change. Nap. Clean. Repeat. Babies definitely settle into their everyday routine pretty quickly, but it's also important to remember to make a purposeful break from the monotony and get out of the house. Baby will appreciate the stimulation of a new environment and it's healthy for mom to get out for some fresh air too. Here are a few options to consider when looking for a bit of a break from the daily baby grind.

Visit the Farmers Market
In larger cities there are often several different markets throughout the week. So get out take in the season's gorgeous harvest season fair, eclectic buskers and discover some of the vendors that are making handmade products in your community.

A Day at the Movies
Cineplex has their Stars and Strollers program that offers Wednesday afternoon screenings complete with change tables, lower volumes for baby, discounted admission for mom and even stroller parking! There's a new movie every week so make sure you check out this week's flick playing in your area.

Get Fit with your Little One
Jump on the Internet and check out some fitness classes close by that offer fun for baby and mom. Many fitness centres now offer yoga, Aquafit and even dance classes that are baby friendly and mom approved.


Whatever the activity just make sure you make a conscious effort to get out, and stay happy.