Check out make it! Edmonton

Decided to beat the weekend rush and take Baby P to the first day (thursday) of make it! Edmonton. I was interested to see how the show's new home at the Expo Centre vibed with the whole feel of the event. I was pleasantly surprised to discover over sized isles, especially since Paisley is growing and taking her in the stroller was much easier on my back. I really love the Enjoy Centre but last make it! you really seemed to notice that the event had outgrown it's initial venue. Paying ten dollars for parking kind of sucked but hey what can I say I'm a thrifty lady.

Now to the vendors, there were definitely some new faces this year, and I really like the selection offered.  I ended up buying a wicked vest from Greenbean Revolved; they take thrifted pieces and give them new life by turning them into new clothing items, super cool. 

As usual I'm always amazed by the terrariums, and one of my favourite vendors Bramble Handmade was back for another year, they reuse picture frames, and turn them into chalkboards, jewelry hangers and more. 

They also had an awesome conversation pit type set up right in the middle of the event, it had a bunch of little comfy love seats, great for feeding baby if needed. 

Only other criticism I would have is the over population of jewelry vendors. I am not much of a jewelry person though so if that's you're thing you'll definitely find a lot of selection. 

Overall I give the latest installation of make it! a thumbs up, it's a must to check out this weekend.