Party Planning on a Budget

In honour of Baby P's 1st Birthday I decided to put together a little guide with a few tips on planning a birthday party for your little one on a budget. We have a ton of family in Saskatoon so we decided to have a party in #YXE and #YEG just so all of the friends and family could make it out. That being the case I wanted to make sure I didn't blow the budget on either bash so we could still have a ton of fun at both locations and not have to break the bank to do it!


When you're figuring out what to feed everyone, the dollar amount can add up quickly especially if you decide to purchase assembled food trays or catering. I decided to buy all of the bulk goods and make meat and cheese trays myself. I simply rolled up deli meats, bought pre sliced hard cheese and arranged them in a nice grouping around a couple of dollar store platters. I easily saved $30 or more per tray by making them myself and they were just as tasty as the catered trays would have been for our build-your-own sandwich bar. 


I tried to pick something seasonal so it wouldn't be too hard to find a couple of decorations, so I went with the flamingo theme. Napkins, table clothes, cupcakes, cutlery and plates were all purchased in the hot pink flamingo colour and then I just accented our set up with a few fun flamingo decorations. I usually rely on Dollarama for this sort of thing but they didn't have too many flamingo items so I ended up getting most of my stuff from Party City. Every item was really reasonably priced and they had such an amazing selection!


Booking and paying for a venue can put your birthday budget through the roof so instead we leaned on our cousin Shanna. Her condo has a club house equipped with an indoor pool, hot tub and rec room with tables, chairs even a pool table. It was the perfect place to have everyone for Paisley's flamingo pool party and the best part? It was completely free!


I did think about making a cake myself, but because we were travelling and not at home for this party, I wanted to take the baking burden off my shoulders and decided to order instead. Bakeries often charge a pretty penny for custom birthday cakes and I didn't just want a plain sheet cake, so I decided to order cupcakes from Sobeys. I love ordering from them, you can get vanilla or chocolate with any icing colour you like and they are only $1 per cupcake. We got half a dozen pink and half a dozen white. I pulled out my cupcake stand that I already had stashed away in the cupboard, grabbed a glittery #1 candle from party city and viola! An adorable dessert display for under $15. 

All in all - we spent around $100 total for Paisley's party and it was so much fun. Great memories and we didn't have to shell out a ton of cash to do it.