Rocky Mountain Soap Company reopens in WEM

The room was buzzing with the soft scent of vanilla mint, an excited crowd of VIPs and that electric energy that comes from live TV. Rocky Mountain Soap Company officially reopened the doors to its West Edmonton Mall location this week with quite the facelift.

Owner Karina Birch has always ensured the company’s products live up to a high environmental standard, but now their retail location will embody that same commitment to a small carbon footprint.

The walls are lined with reclaimed pine sourced from Golden BC and a non-toxic plaster product that actually helps clean the air. The eclectic seats dotted around the store are actually cut from telephone poles salvaged in Canmore. It’s a soothing and serene space that packs a big punch when it comes to global responsibility. It’s part of Rocky Mountain Soap Company’s ‘Cleaner Bodies, Cleaner World’ commitment.

Seeing Canadian entrepreneurs that are so committed to sustainability truly warms my heart. It means that there are others out there just like me who want a better tomorrow for the next generation. Supporting companies like Rocky Mountain Soap means that maybe my daughter will get to enjoy swimming in the same lakes that I did growing up. It will mean she will be able to enjoy our beautiful Canadian landscape with her children some day.

We all have an impact on keeping our planet healthy, even if that means buying a product that’s better for our bodies from a company that better for our environment. Make sure you stop by the Rocky Mountain Soap Company’s West Edmonton Mall location, they are located on the second floor above the stage outside of Hudson’s Bay.