Save vs. Splurge: What to Spend on Baby Essentials


New moms are bombarded by advertising, convincing them that spending top dollar for brand name baby items is the only way to go when preparing for that new bundle of joy. It’s true that some items are worth the splurge but which items can you avoid dishing out the dollars for?

Baby Monitor: Splurge

We spent just under $200 on our video baby monitor and it was well worth the money spent. At first we bought a less expensive model but after using it for a few weeks we just weren’t impressed. So we exchanged it for our new one and never looked back. By spending a little extra we were able to get a model that had a swivel camera you could control from the handheld monitor, super convenient if you want to avoid constantly adjusting the camera. 

High Chair: Save!

Stand-alone highchairs can go for hundreds of dollars, boasting multiple seating positions, adjustable height and premium comfort for baby. The truth is I found these stand-alone models to be super bulky, and difficult to travel with. Travel highchairs that strap onto an existing dining chair are great for day-to-day use and they are a much less expensive option. This is also a great item to try and source out used to save even more money!

Crib: Save!

Here’s another one I decided to save a little bit of money on and I really found that it paid off. I purchased our crib on sale brand new for just over $100 and I feel like it has served us just as well as a $500 crib would have. Our little girl loves her crib and we love the less bulky design, adding a bit more space to her smaller nursery.


Stroller: Splurge

We spent a little bit more than I had intended when we went stroller shopping, but this is a splurge item I’m glad we spent the money on. We are huge fans of the outdoors and the treaded tires on our stroller definitely came in handy while trudging through the woods on our day trips to the lake this summer.

If you’re on a budget and need to stock up on a few staples before baby is born second hand baby stores are a great place to go to source out gently used items. The truth is babies out grow items at such a fast rate many moms barely have a chance to put their items to good use before their kids move onto the next contraption, so sourcing used items can definitely be a great way to go.

Online buy and sell sites like Kijiji, or local Facebook groups are also another place you can score a great deal on some quality items.